Taking care of your floral arrangements

Taking care of your floral arrangements

Aug 12, 2023William Santos

Flower arrangements are a beautiful and timeless way to bring color and life into any home or office. They can be used to celebrate special occasions, add a touch of class to a room, or simply brighten someone’s day. While flowers are often seen as a luxurious item, with proper care, they can last for days or even a few weeks. Here are some tips on how to care for your flower arrangements.

1. Give them plenty of light. Fresh-cut flowers need light in order to stay healthy and vibrant. Choose a well-lit area away from direct sunlight or heat vents.

2. Change the water regularly. Make sure to change the water in your arrangement every few days to keep it from becoming stagnant. This will ensure that the flowers stay healthy and hydrated.

3. Keep them cool. Heat can cause flowers to wilt quickly, so make sure to keep your flower arrangements in a cool spot.

4. Re-cut the stems. To help keep your flowers looking fresh, re-cut the stems every few days. Make sure to use a sharp knife and cut the stems at an angle to allow for maximum water absorption.

5. Feed them. Flower food is available at most flower shops

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