Preserved and Dried Flowers

We are all in with the dried and preserved floral trend. It is coming back so strong. And they are not like your grandmother’s dried and dead looking flower arrangement. They are soft and full of color you can’t believe they are preserved. One of the biggest advances is the use of glycerin that replaces water in the flower giving it a soft to the touch feel. These refine technics give them a live-like look.

Another big tread right now is the bleach dried and preserved look. If you are scrolling on social media you probably have seen the mix of bleached- dried floral materials with fresh in arrangements. There is even a trend of using all bleached-preserved florals. A beautiful a nd fresh new look to the dried flower market that involves the use of a few varieties of Chlorite. This is a time consuming process, not even thinking of the amount bleach that it’s needed. Some manufacturers have gone the extra mile and are dying this product in a variety of popular shades. So, when you look at this flower is has been preserved with glycerin or dried, bleached and then dyed. This will explain why the cost of some of this product.

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William Santos