New Candle Available Online

Rose Bouquet scented candle in a glass cup with a lid

Now you can order any of our new fragrances online, even send them as a great gift with your flower orders. We try to change our selection during the year so we can enjoy all seasons. With the Valentine’s Day holiday approaching scents like Rose Bouquet or Peony are popular choice.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

White roses highlighted by other flora in a flower arrangement

YEs, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are preparing for it in a big way. Fresh new floral designs uploaded regularly. Our new partnership with Kilwins Chocolates in Downtown Petoskey, add some delicious sweet chocolates to your flower order. Because nothing says romance like flowers and chocolates, Right! Also you can order…

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New Silk Flower Shipment

Poppies placed in a white vase with a scale like design

New Silk Flower shipment!!! We love when we get so much new product. Time for a new fresh look, bright and colorful anemones. Maybe some old fashion hydrangeas or peonies. With so many beautiful flowers is hard to choose.

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