It’s Valentine’s Day

If you have not realized this week is Valentine’s Day. This year is on a Friday. So if you have not started to get ready, you still have 5 days!

Red roses are the perfect “I Love You” flowers. Symbolizing passion, true love, romance and desire.  Making it the perfect rose for this holiday. The number of roses is also important part in the message. In most traditions a dozen roses is love and appreciation. When you think of a bouquet of roses it will usually be a dozen stems. The number 12 is associated with many aspects of nature, religion and philosophy. Like 12 zodiac sign, 12 months in a year, 12 hours on the clock, etc.

Most of this started in the Victorian era with the advent of the Language of Flowers. Many books were written on the meaning to all manner of flowers, including roses. Some of this attributes have faded away with time but the color red and the number of roses survive until this day. This is why 12 red roses are the true declaration of love.

Many people question why the prices of red roses seems to be higher this week in comparison to the rest of the year. Is estimated that 224 million red roses are sold on Valentine’s Day. In the US most of them coming from South America. Imagine this, many planes flying to the United States full of red roses. Because the delicate nature and sensitivity of fresh flowers is a very small window of opportunity when all this happens. Planes have to fly back to South America empty to do it all over again, the cost of that empty flight has to be added to the roses, making them more expensive. In normal schedules the planes will fly with US export products, absorbing the cost of the flight back.

Flowers are always a great way to show your love and appreciation, but it doesn’t have to be a dozen roses. An arrangement in pinks, lavenders, white with some red roses is also very beautiful. Also a wrap bouquet is a great idea to save the cost of the vase. Most people have many vases at home. Even a single flowers. Valentine’s Day is all about showing LOVE! Telling those special people in your life how much they mean to you. Your spouse, your parents or kids, your friends or co workers, your neighbor.

To all of you Happy Valentine’s Day!

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