Holiday vs Winter Decor

We all know that decorating for the holidays takes time and enjoy it for a couple of weeks. Then put it all away for next year. But have you thought of decorating for Winter instead?

Think of decorating with more seasonal items like evergreens, deer, pinecones or berries. Avoiding the traditional red and green ornaments that scream Christmas. Or limiting those items to parts of your holiday decor of the Christmas tree. After the Holidays are over you can remove this items and keep most of them for the rest of the winter season.

Think of using evergreens with a little flocked or artificial snow on them. Accessories like this deer and trees in a neutral color with a little white glitter. Even tho they are sold as Christmas items, they can be used for the winter season instead. Making all that extra work worth it since you get to enjoy them for a few moths instead of a couple of weeks.

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William Santos

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